5 Weird Dog laws in America

husky up telephone pole

There are usually really good reasons why laws are initially made and enforced, however the circumstances of such things will usually change over time. We see this with examples of strange horse parking laws or strangely specific homesteading rules which just don’t apply anymore.

Samoyed with tongue out and eyes closed
One of my Samoyeds after protecting me from the hose

#1 No whiskey for dogs in Illinois

It is not allowed to make your dog drink hard liquor in illinois. From a common sense standpoint, this law seems fairly straightforward. The real question is, was this issue enough of a concern to actually make it into a law? If the world was run by does, I doubt we would have a need for laws like this.

One too many

#2 No nookie near the nunnery in California

Animals in California, including dogs, are not allowed to mate within 500 yards of a church or a school. Apparently, these sexual escapades are something that we need to prevent those at church or at school from witnessing.

Getting married first might be a loophole

#3 No smelly dogs in Galesburg, Illinois

Galesburg has a statute stating that no person may keep a smelly dog. This sounds like a recipe for neighbour wars and I’m not aware of a test for determining the smell of a dog.

#4 Cats can’t chase dogs up telephone poles

International Falls, Minnesota – This one is a bit of a head scratcher but I completely understand how cats will absolutely dominate dogs. I have 2 60lb Samoyeds and my two cats were clearly in charge of dictating any behaviour. If they decided it was time to shoo the dogs away…it just happened and that included their food. It was hilarious to watch both dogs just back away from their bowls occasionally if one of the cats wanted to sample what they were eating. Having said that, I’m still not sure how a dog would make it up the telephone pole but it must have been a thing in International Falls.

I guess it could happen!

#5 No college for Rover in Hartford

If you have a particularly bright pup, you’ve probably thought that he/she could attend a college or university. You might even be able to make that happen, just not in Hartford, Connecticut. Connecticut is also a state that has a law making it illegal to sell a pickle that doesn’t bounce so the lawmakers there might just have too much time on their hands.

He did it!

We covered some of the American laws here, we’ll dig into some of the international laws in a later post for your amusement.

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