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A site born of love

A dogs love is one of the most incredible things we can experience

I’ve had dogs for as long as I can remember. The first one was named Butch and so was the 2nd and 3rd one.(My dad didn’t want to think about names).  Most recently, I’ve had Samoyeds who’ll see all over this site and in my social media feeds. 

This business was created out of a passion for dogs and I’m using my 30+ years experience in sales and marketing for some of the world’s largest brands to develop something exciting here.

This journey has given me a lot of education and knowledge about our furry best friends and I seem to have discovered a talent in uncovering some of the more rare and unknown things about dogs.   What started as a site to just showcase dogs has turned into me pouring over scientific studies and research papers, then creating content we call can understand. 

I’ll also be documenting the business side of things so anyone else interested in starting something like this can benefit from what I’ve learned.

I hope you enjoy the articles and videos as much I’m enjoying making them.



Some Cool Dog facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Million dogs worldwide
Million dogs in shelters
Different breeds
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