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A site born of love

A dogs love is one of the most incredible things we can experience

I had a dog as long as I can remember. The first one was named Butch and so was the 2nd and 3rd one.(My dad didn’t want to think about names).  Most recently, I’ve had Samoyeds who’ll see all over this site. 

I had to send Luka, my best friend of 12 years to the rainbow bridge in 2022 and he was more than a friend, he was part of who i am.    I struggled with the grief of losing him and found myself searching endless dog videos and stories, somehow reconnecting with him a little while i did it.   I eventually created this site so anyone can have a spot to share and learn with fellow dog lovers.



Some Cool Dog facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Million dogs worldwide
Million dogs in shelters
Different breeds
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