Dog Stays with baby in fire until she’s rescued

When a 1-year-old baby was stuck in a house fire, the family dog would not leave her side until she was rescued. Blue a pit-bull/lab mix rescue has been with the family for 2 years and is extremely close to the entire family.

Brown dog with white face and paws hugs its owner.
Blue with his owner Janet Kelley

Janet Kelley, a mother of four, said the fire started in the unit below them, where another family lives. One of the children in that unit was playing with a lighter in the bedroom and lit up a mattress.

The downstairs tenants came running up to alert everyone, but black smoke had already filled both units. The fire quickly spread upstairs and “over to the house next door,” Kelley said.

Kelley’s 1-year-old daughter was still stuck in a playpen inside the house when firefighters showed up, she said. The family dog, Blue, refused to leave the house and “alerted rescuers to where she was located.”dddd

Nothing salvageable

dog and cat lying together with their heads touching
Blue and his friend Smokey the cat

Fortunately, everyone escaped the fire without injury however the family did not have fire insurance and is currently looking at options for a new place to live. There is a gofundme setup to help the family.

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