Kelowna resort hires Dog to be Director of pet Relations

dog lies on hotel floor while a guest kneels and pets him and other guests watch

The Eldorado Resort in Kelowna, British Columbia has a new employee who is receiving a lot of positive attention for his “paw-some” work.

Winston, a seven-year-old yellow lab, has recently been appointed director of pet relations at the resort.

A dog lies on the floor of a hotel while one guest kneels to pet him and others watch
Winston greets guests at the Eldorado resort in Kelowna

“It was created specifically for Winston, and he’s very, very excited to be here to welcome all of the guests to the resort,” said Jessica Pearce, Eldorado Resort’s general manager.

It is the first-of-its-kind job position for a Kelowna resort, secured by a four-legged yellow lab. The 7-year-old canine is the newest employee filling the director of pet relations position at the Eldorado resort, where guests aren’t the only ones in for a treat. So is Winston, the dog, receiving plenty of goodies on the job as well as non stop love from hotel guests.

Experienced for the job

Winston has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and boasts an impressive resume.

The beloved dog who had worked at the Victoria Hotel recently resigned from his position. This was due to his owner, who used to work at the Empress Hotel, becoming the general manager of both the Victoria Hotel and the neighbouring Manteo Resort.

“He was a canine ambassador at the Fairmont Empress, and he was there for almost four years,” Pearce said. “I come as a package deal with Winston.”

Winston’s goal was to become a guide dog, but he was deemed unsuitable due to his overly friendly demeanour. However, this makes him an excellent choice to welcome guests checking in.

“It just makes it feel more homey,” said hotel guest Marc Chevrier. “It’s my first time in Kelowna, so it kind of seems to fit the vibe of the city.”

“If you have a dog in the hotel greeting you, that’s a really good initiative,” said hotel guest Mohammad Shafi.

While Winston is still getting used to the new gig and new co-workers, he’s ready for the job and all that it en-tails.

“He will be hanging mostly in the lobby, mostly at Manteo, too, but he’ll be greeting guests. Guests will be able to take him for walks and just all around welcome our guests to the resort,” Pearce said.

As how will the director of pet relations be compensated? “With lots of treats,” Pearce said. “Lots and lots of treats and scratches.”

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