Man discovers blocked arteries after dog nibbled on his toe

man sleeping with puppy resting against his cheek.

In a stranger than normal story, we have a case of a an 7 month old bulldog who chewed on his owner’s toe and possibly saved his life. The owner who suffers from Diabetes discovered 2 blocked arteries in his leg after being admitted to the hospital caused by the incident with the dog.

David Lindsay, 64 from the UK with his 7 month old Bulldog puppy.

Dogs have incredible senses of smell and can be trained to detect things such as blood sugar levels, certain diseases and even hormone changes in people. In this case, it’s possible the dog sensed or smelled something odd or off with its owner, it will never be known exactly why he did this.

What is known is the tests that were performed as a result of the dog chewing on his owner’s toe discovered the blocked arteries, possibly saving the man’s legs.

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition which causes loss of sensation in the limbs and is common in people suffering from diabetes. This condition may not be known by people suffering from it as the onset is gradual and is a reasonable explanation for why this man didn’t feel the dog nibbling on his toe.

a brown and white bulldog puppy stares forward toward the camera.
Harley the 7 month old Bulldog

Lindsay is being released from the hospital next week and is awaiting stents being placed in his legs to open the arteries.

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