Picture of dog appears on home page of twitter

Today Twitter users are noticing that an image of a dog has been added to a place of prominence. You can see it for yourself on Twitter.com, where you will be greeted with the picture of a dog icon.

Dog icon in corner of screen at twitter.com

The particular dog image — a shiba inu — corresponds with the logo of the dogecoin blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Normally the swapping out or addition of an icon inside an app is not news. In this case cryptocurrency investors sent the value of dogecoin sharply higher in the wake of the inclusion of its logo in Twitter’s app. In short, the social media service’s update has led to a pump.

Here’s what dogecoin’s price has done in the wake of the the dog showing up on twitter’s site:

stock graph for dogecoin today showing a huge increase in the afternoon.
Dogecoin today

The greater context for this latest bit of Twitter-silliness is that the owner of the social media service Elon Musk is in court over dogecoin, looking to dismiss a massive suit relating to the cryptocurrency. In that suit, Musk’s lawyers recently called dogecoin a “legitimate cryptocurrency that continues to hold a market cap of nearly $10 billion,” arguing that Musk’s tweets thereof were just that. We suppose that this app update is part of Musk’s general view on the litigation.

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