“Survey Reveals America’s Most Spoiled Dog Breeds: UNVEILING THE LAP OF LUXURY FOR OUR CANINE COMPANIONS”

Small dog wearing Crown and red velvet cape

Most Americans think their pooches are pampered, but a new survey has shared some breeds are more spoiled than others.

The top spoiled pooches

60 percent of the 2,000 people surveyed claimed they had the world’s most spoiled dogs. That number seems a little light to us personally but let’s break down the numbers.

  1. #1 – Herding breeds like Australian Shepards, Corgies and Border Collies
  2. #2 – Non-sporting breeds like Bulldogs, Poodles, Bichon and Shiba-Inu
  3. #3 – Terriers – Jack Russell, Scottish Terriers and Stafford-shire Terriers

The fun stuff!

It doesn’t seem to matter which breed or type of dog you have, it’s fairly certain that all of us dog owners enjoy rewarding the unconditional love and loyalty our dogs give us.

  • 96% of owners said they spoiled their dogs in some way
  • 79% of herding dog owners said their dogs live like royalty 100% of the time
  • 80% treat their dogs as if they were humans
  • 32% speak to their dogs as if they were children
  • 18% speak to them as if they were babies
  • 28% of herding dog owners take their dogs on vacation with them for extra pampering
  • 26% of working breed owners made homemade meals for their dogs

The stranger numbers

In the survey, we uncovered a few of the more entertaining questions and answers however none of these are surprising to a dog lover

  • 75% of women take pride in their title of “Dog mom”
  • 67% of dog moms believe it should be celebrated on Mother’s Day
  • 29% of toy breed owners feed their dogs premium bottled or filtered water
  • 37% would switch places with their pups for a day if they could(47% would sleep all day)
  • 32% of dog moms said they treated their dogs better then their parters

‘Regardless of size or breed,’ Tyszka told news agency SWNS, ‘all dog owners agree their pups deserve the best with delicious treats, walks, and all of our attention.’

The study, conducted by OnePoll, involved 2,000 dog owners also found that over one in four (28 percent) herding dog owners love to take their dogs with them on vacation for additional spoiling. 

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