A chinese Crested dog Celebrated in World’s ugliest dog Contest

Bald Chinese crested dog being held up by its owner

Scooter isn’t what many would call a beauty in the conventional sense of the word. The 7-year-old Chinese Crested dog, who was born with reversed hind legs, is nearly bald but for a shock of white wispy hairs.

It’s those kinds of peculiarities that endeared the pooch to judges at the “World’s Ugliest Dog” contest in Petaluma, Calif., where he took home the grand prize on Friday.

Scooter’s pink, wayward tongue may be drooping from his mouth. The contest’s title, however, is meant to be tongue-in-cheek and has been around for nearly 50 years.

A bald chinese crested dog with
Scooter the 2023 Ugliest dog contest winner

History of event

The contest began in the 1970s as a way to generate revenue for the Old Adobe Association in Petaluma, and member Ross Smith is widely credited as the creator of the contest.

After the association considered replacing their pet parade with a dog contest, Smith suggested an ugly dog contest, and the idea stuck. The Old Adobe Association nurtured the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in its infancy, with Smith emceeing until 1981. Winners for the contest have been recorded since 1976, and it became a part of the Sonoma-Marin Fair in 1988.

Animal Planet began sponsoring and filming the competition in 2006, bringing additional attention to the event.

Fluent pet – Dog speak buttons

Scooter’s story

7 years ago, a breeder of Chinese Cresteds brought a brand-new pup to animal control in Tucson for euthanasia.  The little guy had unfortunately been born with two deformed hind legs.  It appeared he would never walk, let alone crawl and fight for his existence.  One of our kind volunteers from Saving Animals from Euthanasia happened to be there and saw this little fellow.  He knew that this pup might have a chance at finding a good home and a fairly normal life with the support of our rescue group.  He brought him home with the other rescues that day.

Today Scooter is not only surviving but thriving.  He has no idea that he is any different from any other dog.  His handicap has not stopped him from a life of locomotion on his two front legs. Swaying side to side he takes on obstacles – stones, curbs, steps – and then throwing his back end to the sky, in one final swoop – he conquers!

But years of walking on his front legs are taking a toll.  He takes frequent rest stops, propping himself up on his butt, which he uses as a tripod.

With some help from funds raised from friends and rescue groups, Scooter has been able to get therapy and a brand-new cart.

The cart is working out well for Scooter. He appreciates his newfound ability to zoom around and check things out. He loves going to the park and welcomes any outstretched hand.

And when the wheels come off, Scooter wobbles off, with a walk that only Scooter can do – On his OWN TWO FEET!

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