How to Pick a Good Dog Walker

Man holding 8 leashes walking dogs along sidewalk

A lot of us are working from home more lately and no one is happier about that than our dogs. But what do you do if you either work in an office or have to go in? A dog walker is a great solution and they can be found virtually anywhere now with a simple google.

Man holding leashes of 8 dogs walking on a sidewalk.

Where to start

Before you launch an online search for dog walking services available in your area, try asking friends or people around you see around the neighbourhood walking their dogs. There’s a decent chance they either know someone or use someone themselves.

If you do want to search online, there are some things you should definitely look for. First, ask for references to ensure their customers have had positive experiences. Second, find out how many other dogs they are walking and ask about their routine for walking the dog(s). An urban environment with 4 or 5 dogs at the same time would be a very different experience than a suburban dog walker who may only have 1 dog at a time. There’s nothing wrong with either scenario however a very important question to ask to consider for your particular dog.

Choosing the right dog walker

Dog walkers will typically offer more than one service, choose whichever service the dog walker has to best fit your dog. A senior dog may not do well in a group walk because of mobility issues for example. Conversely, a young active dog might thrive in the group environment.

Dog walker checklist

Do they have good reviews? Check their social media profiles if available.

Are their references solid? If references can’t be provided, it could be a red flag.

How do they plan around weather conditions? Really hot or cold weather requires special consideration, ensure you’re aware of how they handle these.

A positive experience for your pooch

As dog owner’s, we want our best friends to enjoy their time with their dog walker. You should be aware of any behaviour changes in your dog after you start using a dog walking service. If you notice any behaviour changes, it maybe a si. gn that something is off and investigate it immediately.

Dog Walker resources

Canadian Dog walker association

Association of Professional Dog Walkers and sitters(UK)

National Association of Pet Sitters

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