What to Pack on a Road trip with Your Dog

dog wearing bandanna with mouth open and head out of car window

As dog owners, we don’t only bring our best friends with us wherever we go, we actually LOVE to experience the adventure with them. That includes road trips which could be an hour to a cool walking trail or a longer venture spanning a couple of days to a hot spot into another state, province or country. Wherever the destination, we need to consider what to pack and bring along for our furry road warriors to make their trip as safe and fun as possible. here’s a list of some must have products to bring with you

Golden retriever with bandanna with its head out of car window.
A happy pup is living its best life.

Do your research

Before you travel with dogs, make sure to research your route and find plenty of pet-friendly accommodations and activities along the way. Not only will ensure your pup has a great time, but it’ll also give you more time to enjoy the ride (since you won’t be spending hours on the side of the road frantically calling hotels to try to find a place that will accept your dog). This task is so much easier now since pretty much every business and service has an online presence to make sure your pup is allowed to be everywhere you want to be.

Prepare your dog

There are definitely some things to consider here for everyone’s enjoyment. Does your dog get anxious in the car? Try some things to associate the car with a positive experience, like treats or pup cups with very short times to begin with and slowly increase the time in the car as they feel comfortable. If it’s extreme, your vet could recommend some medication to calm them or you could try hemp/CBD oil. Ultimately, you want them comfortable in the car so invest the time to make it that way for them(and you).

Small brown and white dog with front paws on suitcase with a pair of brown shoes beside it.
Packed and ready to go

What to pack for your pooch – a checklist

Determining what to bring will depend on the length of the trip and where it is, but I have a separate dog backpack which contains everything i need for hikes and day trips for my 2 Samoyeds. Here is the what I keep stocked in mine so it’s ready to just grab and go.

  • Photocopy of current veterinary records (including general health and vaccination records)
  • Extra collar – I keep it simple here, just to have an extra
  • Leash or lead – I use a tie out just in case I need to keep them secure or close
  • Treats

Camping, hotel stays or long trips

With any road trip, keeping things as small as possible to save space is important. Here is a list of some cool products which are VERY useful.

  • GPS Tracker – For avid hikers, campers or long distance travelers. Definitely worth the investment

As a last tip, bring your dog’s favourite toy so they have a familiar scent with them and enjoy!

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