Rio Carnival includes Dogs in Costumes as part of annual festivities

small dog in bee custume

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — As Rio de Janeiro kicked off its Carnival last Saturday, dogs barked and wagged their tails to the tune of samba music as they paraded in front of pet lovers in a canine costume competition.

3 dogs wearing clown costumes standing on cobblestone street

The “Blocao” — a mixture of “bloco” which refers to Carnival street parties and “cao,” or dog in Portuguese — brought about 300 people to Rio’s Barra da Tijuca. Dog costumes ranged from fairies, and superheroes to clowns and cartoon characters.

The Blocao occurs every year as part of the Carnival’s festivities and the Cariocas(as the Rio locals are called) look forward to this event every year as their own way to enjoy Carnival.

Light brown dog in Tuxedo costume
Dog Tuxedo Custume
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